Frequently Asked Questions


Will we have to make spreadsheets and tally every order form?

No, BoBo's does all that for you! We will tally and electronically process every order form. We will also provide a detailed report listing each seller alphabetically and what their profit is. This report will be sent to you via email 3-4 business days after we received your order forms. We will also give you a hard copy at your delivery or pick up.                    

What is the profit amount?

40% with no hidden fees or additional charges.                                                                                     

How long does the fundraiser go on for?

Organizations can run their fundraiser for 2-3 weeks. BoBo's suggests to run the fundraiser for two weeks with two weekends to sell.

How long does it take to get the orders back?

It will take 8-10 business days after order forms are turned into BoBo's.                                              

Who do the customers make checks out to?

The checks are made out to the school or organization running the fundraiser.                                

What do we need to do when the fundraiser comes to an end?

First, collect the order forms and money from each participant. Then, make sure the seller's name, phone number, and organization's name is on each order form. Next, count the total amount of money turned in by each seller and write that amount on the top right corner of their order form. Last, call BoBo's when you're ready to turn in the order forms. (314) 315-5255


How will the orders arrive?

All orders will be individually boxed and numbered in alphabetical order.                                           

When do we pay the invoice?

You will need to pay the total invoice at the time of delivery or pick up. Payment can be in the form of an organizations check, cashiers check, or money order. No personal checks

If you have any additional questions please call BoBo's Fundraising (314) 315-5255