BoBo's Simple Steps to Fundraising Success


Step 1

Distribute the brochures to your organization, be sure to remind them when order forms are due.  

Step 2

Collect the order forms and money from each participant on the due date.                                        

Step 3

Go over each order form, make sure each seller wrote their name in the name box on the top left side. Then, write the amount collected for each participant in the right-hand corner of their form. If there are orders that were not paid for please make sure to draw a line through them with a black marker so that you are not invoiced for those items

Step 4

Deposit checks and money into organization's account.                                                                        

Step 5

Turn original order forms (top white copy) into BoBo's.                                                                         

Step 6

If you receive late orders please scan and email them to We will accept late orders for up to 5 days before your delivery or pick up date. 

What BoBo's Will Do:

  1. Process and data input each order individually by participant. 
  2. Send you a detailed report of each participant, as well as, an invoice that will be due at delivery. 
  3. Pack orders by each participant and return original order form with products.
  4. Deliver pre-packed orders to desired location at desired time.
  5. Driver will unload truck and line orders up alphabetically.
  6. At this time, driver will collect your payment. Please pay by organization check, money order, or cashier’s check.  


Below is a printable copy of BoBo's Simple Steps Sheet and the Delivery Process Sheet.