BoBo's Does More So You Don't Have To!

What BoBo's Will Do For You: 

  • Assign a Customer Care Specialist to Your Account 
  • Provide Free Samples for a School Event
  • Set Up Incentives and Pay for Prizes 
  • Design & Print Parent Letters 
  • Assemble Student Packets 
  • Kick Off Assembly 
  • Pick Up Order Forms from the School Office
  • Tally & Process the Order Forms 
  • Pack Individual Student Orders 
  • Deliver, Unload, and Stay to Assist with Parent Pick Up 

Four Simple Steps You Need To Do:

  1. Choose Your Start Date
  2. Help Distribute Brochures 
  3. Collect Order Forms & Count Money
  4. Call BoBo's to Turn in Order Forms 

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